According to its facilities and equipment including a production and assembly hall of about 2000 square meters, a variety of co2 and submerged welding machines, as well as precision tools and even a turning hall, Tohid Metal Polymer Industries is able to produce welded- bolts and nuts structures as well as different kinds of spatial structures with different shapes with the help of its executive engineers and practitioners.
Building several sheds, warehouses, the production hall of factories, welded- bolts and nuts metal skeletons for different structures as well as building and installing metal bridges and heavy cranes and the requirements for the construction of subways including lattice and stearates are some of the executive works of this company.
In metal structures with special orders, before covering the anti-corrosion coating, the coating needs sandblast and application of pickling on the metal, in this company there are facilities for sandblast and pickling in big baths, galvanization and epoxy coating on all kinds of metal sections.

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