About us


Tohid Metal Polymer Industries is the first producer of the belt(metal strips) of reinforced earth in Iran. According to its facilities, it provides all the requirements for the implementation of the projects of reinforced earth . Since the late 40s, reinforced earth has widely been used the structure of guard walls specially in the access ramps of bridges, walls of steps, side walls of waterways, ravines, mines, sediment ponds and so on.
With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing metal sections, it has the ability to produce all types of solid sections (round, belt, four-sided, customized sections) and to design and implement metal structures. Additionally, it is able to eliminate rust through pickling and sandblast and to implement different kinds of metal coatings including galvanizing and implementing polyvinyl coatings as well as different epoxy colors on different types of metal sections.
According to its facilities and equipment including a production and assembly hall of about 2000 square meters, a variety of co2 and submerged welding machines, as well as precision tools and even a turning hall, Tohid Metal Polymer Industries is able to produce welded and bolts-and nuts structures as well as different kinds of spatial structures with different shapes with the help of its executive engineers and practitioners.