Implemented projects by this company are as follows:

1. Sadr highway ramps in Tehran
2. Modarres highway project in Tehran
3. Resalat tunnel project, Nezami Ganjavi area, Tehran
4. Tehran-north freeway project, phase 1
5. The project of line 7 of subway, Tehran, Milad Tower station
6. Shahid Hakim highway project, Tehran, Wardaward area
7. Stone Caravanserai project in km 20 of Fath highway
8. Project of the bridges of the intersection of Imam Ali, Sayad Shirazi and Artesh highways
9. Bridges of Imam Ali highway, Dolatabad area
10. The project of Northwest ramp of Sheikh Bahaee Bridge, Tehran
11. The project of Abbasabad lands, Tehran
12. Shahid Babaee project, Ghazvin (Quds)
13. The project of Ray City Beltway, Mobadel intersection, Taghiabad crossroad (Varamin Street)
14. Establishment of the protective project of Mazandaran Wood Industries Complex located on the edge of Tajan River with the approximate length of 2000 m and the approximate area of 10000 square meters
15. The project of establishing the walls of reinforced earth for widening Ghom Axis, Kashan, after Jamkaran Crossroad
16. The project of the bridge of non-level intersection of Marand (2254 square meters)
17. The project of the walls of Islamic Azad University, Science and Research unit, Tehran
18. The project of the buildings of the reinforced earth of the main road of Ghom- Garmsar
19. The project of national non-level intersection in Babylon
20. The project of access to Shemshak Residential Complex
21. The project of local access of Meygoon City to Shemshak Road
22. Lavasan Negarestan Project
23. The project of the walls of the reinforced earth of Sobhan Residential Complex
24. Plor mineral water project

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